Let’s, ​Humble Shakespeare.


To be mine

until the end of time

you will need to be

my partner in crime.

Through it all

by each other’s side

locals will call us

Bonnie and Clyde.

We will undeniably make

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

exhibit as a nigh parody

of his entire career.

When you are upset

I will shout in pain

for you and I are one

we are exactly the same.

When you hurt, I hurt

As you smile I rejoice,

I ask you to be with me

like fate ever gave us a choice.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @ WhatsInsideAMadmansHat.com



  1. Beautiful. Loved reading it.
    I would be pleased if you could stop by my blog. I am not very new here. I have been working on a series on our 5 senses in a relative manner. Just published my 4th post.

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