Up the dosage πŸ’Š

Up the dosage,

make it more numb.

Make it so I,

can ghastly overcome.


As my subconscious waves it’s deadly sword

on a collision course toward my mind.

My conscious presence jumps up and down

and hails, airily cheering from the side-line.


Taunting, screaming, mocking and chanting

I wish to act as if I don’t have any care,

But given the chance to take em’ all on,

Without question… as it is all too much to bear.


As if my mind were not of my own

“Do as we say, and not as you wish”,

Like I was given this body and mind,

only to be trapped in a bowl like a fish


So, up the dosage

I will soon overcome,

the only way I know how,

by being comfortably numb.



Β© 2018 Joseph Emerson WhatsInsideAMadmansHat.com


    1. Yes. Thanks. It is the better alternative though… Controlled by doctor’s. I “self-medicated” for way too long. Today January 13th marks my 1 year of sobriety of drinking and recreational drugs! Thanks for readingπŸ‘

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      1. Wow thats incredible!!! So much respect for your sobriety, I’d really like to try to moderate my drinking more. Maybe not entire sobriety, but substantially less than last year haha. Good start so far in 2018 πŸ™‚

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      2. I just do not understand “moderation”. Haha. Well, I know what it means… My body just keeps wanting more. Had to realize that. Everyone around me is so much more at ease and that helps my mind relax. Thanks again.


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